3 Great Restaurants Near Grayton Beach, FL

3 great restaurants near grayton beach fl - grayton beach houses for sale

If you’re moving to Grayton Beach, you’ll be glad to know that we have more than our fair share of great restaurants. Check out our three favorites!

3 Great Restaurants Near Grayton Beach, FL

Cafe Hibiscus

Cafe Hibiscus is a great place to grab breakfast and begin your day. There are delicious treats for the whole family. Homemade muffins, pancakes, quiche, and frittatas are a few of the many choices on their menu. You can also opt for a healthy snack like a fruit salad or smoothie.

Chanticleer Bakery & Eatery

The Chanticleer Bakery & Eatery has an awesome selection of baked treats. The aroma of freshly baked goods will definitely open up your appetite. Their entree selection includes heros, salads, meats, and vegetables. There is outdoor dining available on the deck overlooking Grayton Beach.

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water has been rated as one of the top fine dining seafood venues near Grayton Beach. Its scenic view overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Their seafood is fresh and acquired from local markets. Wine enthusiasts will love their widespread selection. They also have a partially private room you can reserve for special occasions.

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