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Even in a seller’s market, whether you have a condo for sale in Alys Beach, land for sale in Seagrove Beach, or a home for sale in WaterColor, your home isn’t going to sell itself.

With that said, though, some homes are easier to sell than others—and if you follow the right procedures, yours could be, too.

Your Home Isn’t Going to Sell Itself: What You Can Do to Sell Quickly (and at the Right Price)

When it comes to selling your home, remember that you hired your 30A Realtor® for a reason: To help you sell quickly and at the right price.

That means you can—and should—rely on your agent for advice on how to price your home, how to stage it, and how to make a great first impression on potential buyers.

Home-Selling Tip #1: Price it to Sell

Your agent is going to compare your home to several others in the area to find out what it’s likely to sell for (it’s what’s known as a comparative market analysis, or CMA). When your agent suggests a price, it’s a good idea to listen. Overpricing can cause your home to sit on the market much longer than it needs to.

Home-Selling Tip #2: Stage it Properly

It’s tougher to sell a home that’s empty. Strategic staging moves can make all the difference in the world, because the right placement of furniture and décor give buyers a starting point for envisioning their belongings in your space. (Many buyers have a tough time imagining rooms without a little guidance.)

Home-Selling Tip #3: Bump Up Your House’s Curb Appeal

You don’t have to redo everything, but you do need to make sure potential buyers actually want to come in the house when they pull up at the curb. If the home’s exterior looks shoddy or messy, buyers are going to wonder how bad the inside is, even if it’s truly immaculate. They may not even get out of their cars to check, so make sure your yard is neat and tidy, exterior blemishes are fixed, and the house looks like a warm, welcoming place to visit.

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