ABOUT Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach features 27 miles of white sandy beaches along the emerald coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to two State Parks, dozens of public beach access points, waterfront restaurants that serve up fresh local seafood, and legendary attractions.

The gulf and bay waters are famous with fishermen and scuba divers who enjoy the benefits of dozens of artificial reefs.

Panama City Beach’s history didn’t officially begin until May 2, 1936, when the city was founded. The city’s name was reportedly based on being the nearest American port to the newly opened Panama Canal. Surrounding the new city were other, small cities known as West Panama City Beach, Long Beach and Edgewater. Some years later, the four merged to form a single chartered government, which kept the name of Panama City Beach.
Through the years the face of Panama City Beach has continued to evolve and change. Today it is a premiere destination for visitors from across the world, most of whom flock to bask in the Florida sun, play on the beautiful white sand beaches, and watch the same amazing sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico that travelers and locals alike have been treated to for thousands of years.

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