ABOUT Santa Rosa Beach

If you’ve ever spent any time in Santa Rosa Beach you understand why ‘YAHOO! Travel’ placed it along side Bali, Mexico and Hawaii as one of the ten best beach destinations in the world.

With a top notch school system and proximity to local and Destin shopping, Santa Rosa Beach is not only an IDEAL vacation spot but also an incredible area to raise a family, especially if the idea of raising a family in paradise appeals to you…just saying.

Additionally, Santa Rosa beach is home to several of 30A’s coastal dune lakes that are unique to the entire western world. They serve many purposes that contribute to our diverse ecosystem and outdoor activities. One such favorite pastime activity is paying attention to the lake levels and tides. If you time it just right you can be present when one of these lakes opens to the Gulf of Mexico. It is an incredible experience to watch an entire lake pour into another body of water within the space of a few hours. Note that it is illegal to assist in this process AND that you shouldn’t jump in the lake while it’s outflowing. Growing up, we learned both of these facts the very hard way.

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