ABOUT Seagrove Beach

Describing Seagrove Beach is a challenge. It’s not because there isn’t enough OR too much to describe (the latter lands CLOSE to the bullseye however).

Most simply stated, it’s because, to us, Seagrove Beach is sacred. This is where we landed in 1979. This was our home.

While Seagrove Beach has of course grown with the times there is still so much of her heritage still present and it is refreshing to see that honored: Several of the one-story block and wood cottages remain along the coast. The dirt roads still meander off of 30A winding into the peaceful neighborhoods that were once our playgrounds. Seagrove Village Market (the only store at one time) still chugs along like a vintage train at the intersection of 30A and 395. In all, there are just so too many sentiments to share. Suffice it to say that, today, Seagrove is a tasteful blend of the mid 1900′s homesteads and new homes. The business ‘districts’ are alive with activity, dining, shops and nightlife. Her beaches are pristine! And while Seagrove Beach is an active place positioned both geographically and culturally, at the core of what Sowal is understood to be, her pace is still southern slow…just like we like it.

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