10 Ways to Get Your 30A Beach House Sold in 90 Days

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that homes in our very own Walton County, Florida spend an average of 108 days on the market.

The longer a home sits on the market, the less likely it is to sell for full price.

Buyers notice if a house has been listed for a long time, and will sometimes assume there is something “wrong” with the home or location. The good news is that a little advanced preparation can improve the chances of your beach home selling quickly.

The following are ten proven ways to improve the odds that your 30A beach house sells in only 90 days.

(1) Begin with The Right Price

Buyers tend to filter properties by price early on along with a small number of other elements.

Try starting with a competitive price to attract qualified buyers quickly.

A realtor with strong knowledge of the local market can be vital in helping determine the best listing price if your goal is to get it sold in 90 days or less.

(2) Consider Objective 3rd Party Advice

Maybe try to freshen up or modernize the interior. A fresh perspective from a knowledgeable professional can help bring out the true potential of each room.

Something as simple as changing the lighting to create a more warm and welcoming feel or by switching to a neutral paint color can make a dramatic difference.

(3) Make Smart Upgrades

You can increase the market value of your beach house by making some simple, low-cost updates yourself.

Be wise when deciding where to spend your remodeling dollars because some updates provide a better return on investment than others.

Consult with a realtor or contractor who has years of experience building or selling homes in our area.

They will be able to guide you in the appropriate direction. Our realtors can even recommend local trustworthy contractors that have done great work along 30A.

(4) Create A Model Home Appearance

Potential buyers should begin visualizing your beach house as their next home as soon as they walk in the door.

Remove all those personal touches that made it your home.

This includes your personal collections, hobbies, and memorabilia. These items can distract potential buyers and make it hard for them to picture themselves at home.

To be fair, what may be visually appealing to you may not be aesthetically pleasing to another family.

So…consider hiring a professional staging company to ensure your home has that “model home” feel to it; the WOW factor, and a wide range of appeal.

(5) Use Professional Photos

According to the NAR, approximately 92 percent of homebuyers use the internet during their home search process.

High-quality photos of your home are a proven way to attract ready, willing, and able buyers. A 30A beach house is often magnificent so be cautious listing your home with less than brilliant professional photos.

If your home along 30A and Destin is a luxury home in the millions…high end photography is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have”.

(6) Attain Maximum Market Exposure

A local agent with historically strong connections to the area can provide maximum exposure for your home through the usual sources AND by leveraging their extensive word of mouth and social media networks. Longtime locals simply have greater and deeper reach in this area.

(7) Impress with Curb Appeal

Experts agree that the exterior appearance and curb appeal set expectations for the overall home value.

A colorful, well-maintained landscape and an inviting entryway are proven ways to increase the appeal of your home and boost the selling price.

On the other hand, a damaged roof or chipping paint will cause a bad impression right from the beginning. Problems like these may cause the potential buyer to see the property as a “fixer-upper.” Fixer uppers are not bad per se’ but they sell at fixer-upper prices.

(8) Be Flexible About Showings

Potential buyers often have busy schedules and limited time to view homes.

If you are still living in your 30A beach house while it’s on the market, speak to your realtor about a showing schedule that works best for you and still allows convenient access to potential buyers. It’s taxing to show the house when you’re living in it, but to sell the home in 90 days, means you must be ready to show at a moments notice!

(9) Remove Pets for Showings

Some buyers are fearful of pets and some are allergic to them. Others fear they must inspect the home more closely because they suspect pet caused damage. You’ll want buyers to feel comfortable as they view the home, so be sure to remove your pets during showings and even consider removing evidence that you are a pet owner altogether.

Research has also shown that, if your pets are relegated to a small cage or one room during showings, potential buyers may rush the viewing out of sympathy for the pets.

(10) “Sell” the Neighborhood

Depending on whether a house along the beach is intended as a second home or as a primary residence, buyers will tend to decide based on schools and nearby amenities.

Experienced agents that have lived here, understand how to market the local areas and neighborhoods. If you are looking to sell your beach house in 90 days, you and the agent must team up to really promote the neighborhood and surrounding amenities.

Selling your beach house is also about selling the unique 30A lifestyle that comes with Florida coastal homes.

Our 30A realtors are here to look out for your best interest at every stage of the process. Smart sellers aiming to sell in only 90 days, know how to leverage themselves for success. The locals of 30A Local Properties stand ready to help balance the priorities of price and speed.

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