3 Household Items You Shouldn’t Buy at a Dollar Store


Although shopping at dollar stores can be light on your pockets, some of their household items can be light on quality. Here are three items you should never buy at a dollar store.

wicker Baskets

Cheap wicker baskets can chip and break apart, undermining your efforts to keep household items organized. So spend a few more bucks for higher quality baskets that will last, and don’t let cheap ones turn you into a basket case.


How can you pass-up batteries from the dollar store when they’re so expensive everywhere else? Well, if you buy these batteries, don’t expect them to last very long. But if you want to extend their typically short lives, use them in devices that don’t require much energy—perhaps a TV remote would be a good start. Keep in mind, though, that these batteries oftentimes aren’t well made, and could run the risk of leaking.

Plastic Bins and Containers

Don’t let a poorly made, plastic dollar store container box you into a bad deal—even if it is only $1. But what could be wrong with a simple plastic container? It’s not a big deal, right? Well, as long as you’re aware that you might not get what you expect. These plastic containers can have ill-fitting lids that don’t remain securely in place, defeating their purpose. Such bins are often made of inflexible plastics that crack with time.


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