5 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right Home Along 30A









In the hunt for your new home along 30A, how will you know when you’ve found “the one?”

Here’s a breakdown of what successful house-hunters feel when they’ve found the perfect home along 30A.

1. You’re Drawn Inside

The home’s curb appeal is great. The house stands out from the rest on the block (in a good way). Your interest has definitely been piqued and you’re ready to see more as soon as you pull up. It looks like the kind of place you could call “home,” and your imagination starts running through future scenarios before you get out of the car.

Why It Feels This Way

A house’s curb appeal can draw you to it or scare you off – and because it’s the first impression you get when you pull up, it can make or break the way you feel about the entire home. The neighborhood’s appearance also plays a role in your first impression, but the outside of the home definitely primes you for what’s inside. (Sellers, take note!)

2. You Feel At-Home

When you step in the front door, you know where you’d hang your jacket. You can feel what it’s like to be at-home there after a long day at work or on a lazy Saturday morning. You can picture yourself, your family and your friends in the kitchen, living room and backyard.

Why It Feels This Way

You’re carrying your first impression through the front door with you, so you’re more likely to feel this way if that impression was good. However, it goes even deeper than that. Psychologically speaking, your preferences and the things you’re already familiar with help you “gel” with your environment. It’s due to the mere exposure effect, which says that previous exposure to a stimulus makes you more positive toward it. If something about the home is familiar (like the kitchen being similar to your grandmother’s or the foyer looking a lot like the one in your current home), you’re more likely to feel “at-home” in the house.

3. You Become Possessive About the House

This charming residence has some minor flaws, but they don’t matter much (or at all). You want to defend minor issues that your house-hunting partner or your Realtor® might point out. You’re becoming attached to the home, and you might even walk into each room with rose-colored glasses on because your first impression was so strongly favorable.

Why It Feels This Way

Loyalty is a really complex emotion, and when you really, really like something, it’s natural to feel committed to it. The more committed (read: loyal) you feel to a house, the more likely you’ll be to want to point out its good qualities and downplay its shortcomings or flaws.

4. You Can Picture Yourself (and Your Furniture) Inside

The house is just the right size. It has the big yard you’ve always wanted, and you can already see yourself sitting on its wide porch sipping lemonade. Your furniture will fit, and you can position it the way you’ve always wanted because the house has enough space to do it. You ponder which of the kids will claim each bedroom. If you’re planning colors, patterns and prints, you just might be smitten enough to write an offer when you leave.

Why It Feels This Way

Logic definitely plays a role in the way you feel about a house, and it works in tandem with the emotions you experience as part of your first impression. You’ve already created a list of what you need and what you want, and the house meets all your requirements. That gives you the freedom to become emotionally attached to it.
You’re not going to feel this way about a house that’s definitely wrong for you because your sense of logic will step on the brakes.

5. You Want to Stop Looking at Other Homes

If this house makes you want to stop your home search, you’ve practically slipped the engagement ring around its doorknob. You want it to be yours. You can’t wait to tell your friends about this new connection. You’ve finally found the one.

Why It Feels This Way

Your brain connects all the emotional and logistic concerns it experiences about each home you visit – it works like a machine to cut through all the data you take in (including a home’s size, layout and style) and see what matches up to your needs and preferences. When you get solid matches, your brain lets you know… most likely by telling you to write an offer.

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