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Architecturally inspired by Guatemala, Bermuda and Antigua, the stunningly beautiful Alys Beach was recently named by Forbes as “America’s Top Spot for Design-Savvy Home Buyers.”

Every home is built to Fortified® standards, as well as to Florida’s Green Home Designation Standard.

Growing up in Seagrove Beach a man named Mr. Fonville was a joy to us few children who were year round residents. He transformed his back yard into a play sanctuary for the neighborhood kids. All we had to do was show up and have a blast (this was a ‘before seat belts and lawsuits’ era). Connecting the dots, Mr Fonville (namesake of the Fonville Press coffee house in Alys Beach), was good friends with Elton and Alys Stephens–outright owners of the Alys Beach land for many years. When the Stephens family decided to develop Alys Beach we, from the sidelines, couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do. Man did they nail it–Epic, intelligent, ground breaking architecture surrounded by State Forest, set along the pristine coastal dunes of eastern 30A. Through and through, Alys Beach is what it appears to be– a conscientiously developed utter paradise worthy of it’s namesake.

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