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In 1980 we arrived on to the streets of Sowal. It was as clear then as it is now…This stunningly beautiful 20 mile community is dedicated to creating and maintaining a fulfilling way of life. Her heritage is built on that simple fact. We are a community of southern outdoorsmen, artists, entrepreneurs and overall appreciators of life. The allures of 30A are many and one can read nothing shy of a million testimonies to this fact online. In an effort to sum them all up, a litmus test of sorts applies: “Flip-flops and board shorts at a board meeting are completely acceptable.” As funny as that sounds, it is the truth. This is so, because–although we are an engaged community, a successful and professional people with progressive educational, sport, business and humanitarian focuses, who take life seriously–at the end of the day, we know where we’ll all meet up. The flip flops and board shorts just save us a trip home.


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