ABOUT Blue Mountain Beach

The story goes that Blue Mountain Beach got its name from sailors who saw the sand dunes covered in flowering blue lupine. The view from the deck of the ship gave the appearance of a blue mountain. The dunes of Blue Mountain are some of the highest along our coast.

Today, characterized by both lavish gulf front and interior homes to 60′s-era beach cottages, Blue Mountain is a one-of-a-kind sprawling paradise set on the deepest dips and twists of iconic 30A.

In addition to great shopping, dining and nightlife, Blue Mountain is bordered by the Point Washington State Forest offering miles of trails and adventure opportunities amongst the blue lupines! A few tidbits: For our fellow surfers out there, Blue Mountain Beach has always offered a nice break. For our outdoor enthusiasts, keep an eye out for the bear on 83. There have been sightings-a-plenty! For our local 30A commuters…please don’t cut through Village of Blue Mountain to bypass the hill and twisty’s– it only saves about 11 seconds, tops–An alternative suggestion: Climb the hill. Grab a smoothie from Ed and Rachel at For the Health Of It  …continue through the twisty’s and enjoy your day.

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