What Does It Mean For A Real Estate Agent To Carry A CCIM Designation?


Have you ever wondered what a CCIM designation is and why select real estate agents are so proud of this distinction? Well, CCIM is the acronym for Certified Commercial Investment Member. A CCIM designation means that the professional has completed advanced coursework in financial and market analysis. It means they’ve proven they have extensive experience in the commercial real estate industry. CCIM designees are given a lapel pin for recognition as leading experts in commercial investment real estate. Is it any wonder we’re proud of this designation?

Commercial real estate professionals can enroll in the courses and eventually apply to receive this industry-respected designation. The training includes courses taught by industry professionals. This makes certain that outdated or inaccurate material is not taught. The real-world instruction makes it so that CCIM designees can help their clients minimize risk and make good decisions.


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