How to Decorate Your Outdoor Patio in Seaside to Match the 30A Local Vibe

30A homes are known for their beachy, fun and relaxed style – and with these seven tips, you can decorate your own outdoor patio to match the 30A local vibe. Whether you’re searching for a Santa Rosa home for sale or you’re living in a Seaside, Florida home, this guide will turn your patio into the perfect place for entertaining, relaxing and spending time with those closest to you.

7 Tips for Decorating Your Seaside, Florida Home’s Patio

The most important thing you need to know when you’re decorating your patio: Have fun with it! It’s your outdoor living space, and you can make it as whimsical, down-to-earth or funky as you want it to be. Use these seven tips to make the most of your space:

  1. Pick bold colors
  2. Paint the bricks
  3. Fix up the flooring
  4. Create a focal point
  5. Add lighting
  6. Try vertical greenery
  7. Use beautiful planters

1. Pick Bold Colors

Nothing says 30A Local like bright, vibrant and fun colors. Choose a palette you love, whether it’s bright blues and greens to complement the surf or it’s the gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows of the sunset.

Paint the bricks on your Seaside patio to match the 30a vibe

2. Paint the Bricks

Bricks look dated, but you can paint away decades in less than an afternoon. Choose a light, bright color that matches your outdoor palette and grab a brush!

3. Fix Up the Flooring

You don’t have to replace the existing flooring – just add indoor-outdoor rugs that look great with your existing furniture.

4. Create a Focal Point

Add a portable fire pit or have a permanent one installed, create an outdoor kitchen space, or even put up a sculpture. Like your indoor décor, outdoor décor requires a great focal point that enhances the area.

5. Add Lighting

After-dark entertaining requires the right lighting. Choose programmable, battery-operated LED candles, tiki torches, paper lanterns or patio string lights that twinkle when you’re enjoying balmy evening breezes.

6. Try Vertical Greenery

Vertical greenery is an amazing addition to any patio, and it doesn’t matter if your space is large or small. You can add a shelf filled with plants or go all-out and create a living wall with your favorite foliage.

7. Use Beautiful Planters

Add potted plants that you can care for (and bring inside when you need to) right on the patio. Grow ferns, beautiful annuals or perennials, or even tough plants like peace lily and palm varieties. When it comes to planters, mix-and-match colors, shapes and styles to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

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