First-Time Buyer Tips










If you’re buying your first home, here’s what you need to know about the process and how it works.

The Agent

When you find a real estate agent, he or she will:

  • Help you find a lender
  • Email you listings that meet your needs
  • Set up appointments for you to see homes you’re interested in
  • Go with you to tour homes so you have an expert’s point-of-view
  • Research comparable sales so you know you’re getting a good deal
  • Negotiate with the seller’s agent to get you the best price

That’s a lot – but that’s where your agent comes in. He or she will do all the “heavy lifting” while you scout out homes that you’re interested in.

The Houses

You can see as many – or as few – homes as you’d like before making your decision. Usually, though, you only want to see a few in a day (maximum five or six) so you don’t become overloaded and start getting the houses mixed up.

It’s a good idea to snap a picture of the outside of each house you see, plus key features on the inside. That way, you can connect which rooms were in which house and sort through them all later. Take notes on the listing descriptions, too!

Once you find a house you love, make an offer. Don’t wait, because if you loved the house, someone else is going to love it, too – and they might be faster on the draw and buy it right out from under you.


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