ABOUT Grayton Beach

We’d venture to say that Grayton Beach, Florida is as near to ‘vintage 30A’ as it gets. With several remaining oyster-shell roads and oak trees tangled around classic wooden homes, Grayton Beach harkens back to another era.

Time has added luxurious new development and a bustling town center– occupied by the eclectic and funky Red Bar, Shorty’s and multiple galleries–yet, despite these modern, valuable additions to the community, the original Grayton Beach character has remained.

I think they call that beach magic. Things happen here that just don’t happen in other places. Grayton features a diverse coastal ecosystem including Western Lake and Grayton Beach State Park. These famous recreational destinations are a literal paradise for fishermen, boaters, and beach-goers. Zooming out…It’s crazy to think that Grayton Beach used to be the home of a cattle ranch. Bobby’s brother is married to the granddaughter of the rancher. Now we are not too very interested ourselves in cattle ranching…however…give us a ranch today on Grayton Beach and we’d gladly take a shot at it!

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