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New Owner Assistance

Unfortunately the matters below will not tend to themselves. (We will definitely let you know if we figure that one out though.) Having said that, we hope this information below is helpful in your transition. We have found that our local utility and service companies alike are quite pleasant to deal with–the southern charm holds true down the line. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues or require any additional local service or utilities information.


One of the first things you need to do after purchasing your new home is getting your basic utilities setup.

Choctawhatchee Electric Co.
(800) 342-0990 / (850) 892-2111
Regional Utilities (Water / Sewer)
(850) 231-5114
Okaloosa Gas District
(850) 729-4700


You will need many local services after moving in. The complete list below should cover all the basics to get you settled.

Mediacom (Cable / Internet)
(800) 239-8411
Waste Management (Trash Pick up)
(850) 862-7141
Buzz Woodham Pest Management
(850) 267-3619
Moisture Management INC.
(850) 941-8600

Homeowners Insurance

Your home’s insurance is extremely important. Our preferred partners give you the best rates and coverage.

Coastal Insurance Company
(850) 231-0042

Affordable Insurance
(850) 654-1567