Do You Know The Most Common Problems Reported In A Home Inspection?

Did you know that most issues uncovered during a home inspection are relatively easy to fix? The most common problems found by home inspectors are usually not deal breakers. So, don’t let just any problem become a deal breaker if you find an otherwise good property.

Faulty Wiring

One of the most common problems found during a home inspection is faulty wiring. Yet, it’s not the bad wiring most people think of when they imagine faulty wiring. Rarely aluminum wiring is found, which can be a really big cost. Usually though, inspectors find open junction boxes or wires without wire nuts. These are inexpensive, easy fixes for any electrician.

Signs of Water on Ceilings

Water on ceilings can sure seem daunting. Still, it’s not always a costly repair. Sometimes it’s a simple plumbing leak. Once it’s fixed and the ceiling repaired, the problem is over! The inspector can let you know where the water came from and what to do about it if you get the property.

Basement Leaks

Many people get very concerned about basement leaks, but often it’s simply a matter of poor drainage. Sometimes a bad gutter send water towards the foundation. This is a common problem that warrants investigation, but shouldn’t automatically make you run from the purchase.

Since you are paying your inspector from the inspection, you have every right to ask for details about any issues found on your potential future property.



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