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2019 is right around the corner – and if you’re like many people, your resolution for the new year is to live where you love.

Life’s too short to be stuck in a place that doesn’t make you happy.

And the beautiful beach communities along 30A can make you happy.

Live Where You Love: Why 30A is the Best Place to Be 

When did you first discover South Walton’s white sandy beaches and emerald waters reminiscent of an exotic coast line far from the clutches of the day to day schedules and routines? Were you on vacation? An escape from the cold, or a getaway from the big-city buzz?

Maybe you fell in love with 30A years ago, or maybe you’ve only been here recently but you’re kicking around the idea of making a big move. No matter how long you’ve been visiting or how many times you’ve come here, you know that the exceptionally well-planned beach communities along 30A have plenty of character – and that there’s a place for everyone here.

Settling Into a Place You Love 

Psychologically, it’s healthy to live where you love – where we live affects our levels of life satisfaction. A study published by researchers from the University of Helsinki, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the U.S. says that “the strength of associations between personality traits and life satisfaction depend on neighborhood characteristics” and that “people’s life satisfaction depends, in part, on the interaction between individual personality and particular features of the places they live.”

Resolve to Live SQ

If that’s not enough to get you to pack your bags right now, check out the spectacular homes available here by scrolling through them below.

Choosing a Community on 30A to Live Where You Love 

Each community along 30A has its own character and vibe. You can use the links below to explore each and search for your dream home.

Alys Beach

Alys Beach is a great place to stroll along beautifully maintained streets – all of which are oriented toward the beach – and enjoy public parks and pedestrian walking paths.

Explore Alys Beach real estate listings here.

Blue Mountain

Named for the beautiful blue lupine flowers growing on some of the Gulf Coast’s highest dunes, Blue Mountain offers everything from luxury homes to cozy beach cottages.

Explore Blue Mountain real estate listings here.

Dune Allen

Dune Allen is home to three coastal dune lakes – they’re rare-but-thriving ecosystems that add even more beauty to this already-gorgeous area.

Explore Dune Allen real estate listings here.

Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach is an artsy, friendly community that’s the perfect place for fishing, relaxing on the sandy beach or unwinding at home beneath towering oak trees.

Explore Grayton Beach real estate listings here.

Gulf Place

Gulf Place is one of the newest developed communities along 30A, complete with condos and spectacular homes.

Explore Gulf Place real estate listings here.

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is home to a thriving town center with restaurants, shops and more. Homes are connected by paths and boardwalks, leading to public parks, the beach and a number of other amenities.

Explore Rosemary Beach real estate listings here.

Seacrest Beach

Seacrest Beach is quiet and calm, located at the end of 30A. Most of the community is residential.

Explore Seacrest Beach real estate listings here.

Seagrove Beach

Seagrove Beach sits beneath beautiful magnolia trees, oaks and sand pines near Point Washington State Forest. The homes here are a mix of older beach homes and new cottages.

Explore Seagrove Beach real estate listings here.


Seaside is the cultural hub of 30A. With its outdoor amphitheater and picture-perfect homes lining the streets, it’s an adventurous community known for fun.

Explore Seaside real estate listings here.


Designed to be ecologically friendly and sustainable, WaterColor is an exclusive community featuring beach cottages, a tennis club, a spa and nearly 250 acres of open space and preservation areas.

Explore WaterColor real estate listings here.


Watersound, a gated community connected to the Camp Creek Golf Course, is a resort area packed with great amenities.

Explore Watersound real estate listings here.

Resolve to Live Where You Love – You’ll Never Regret It 

The new year brings hope and renewal; it’s an opportunity to do more of what makes you happy. If that involves the search for or purchase of property in Santa Rosa Beach and along 30A, we’re here to make your resolution a reality.

Call us at 850-213-3048 or get in touch with us online to tell us about your dream home on 30A – we’ll help you find it.

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