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In the beginning there was simply bare beach and almost no real estate along 30A, then Robert Davis said, “Let there be Seaside.” The rest is history.

Working with a visionary designer, Mr. Davis was able to capture and materialize his dream of creating a community that, by DESIGN, cultivates neighborliness, encourages residents to shop locally, gets people out of their vehicles and on to their bikes and feet.

The result has been nothing short of a modern architectural marvel that single-handedly changed the way America develops communities. With it’s white clay paths, red brick streets, Victorian influenced southern vernacular AND modern homes, thriving town center, community spaces, school and award-winning beaches it’s no wonder that Seaside real estate is highly regarded as a virtual paradise destination by both residents and tourists alike. We still remember the day the clearing equipment ran down what is now Tupelo Street. We got wind of what was happening and thought Mr. Davis must be crazy. As it turns out…we were the crazy ones…for not buying every piece of real estate in Seaside available at the time! Let this serve as a message to all of us.

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