Uprooted and Rerouted on 30A

In my career, it’s been easy for me to make a house “look” like home!  I can set up a house to look like a magazine but making it feel like home is not always found in the decor.

So when does a house and a new town really begin to feel like home?

Moving from Atlanta to 30A came with a lot of change in my life.  After the boxes are unpacked, addresses are all changed and a new business had been established, there comes a moment to say “Okay, so when is this going to feel like home?”

It takes time, I know, but a moment happened today!  Something that would never happen back in Atlanta, as I’m driving across seven lanes of traffic, taking an hour to go ten miles, wondering where are all these people going and if I’m ever going to get to where I need to be.  Today a wave, well more like eight waves in less than a three-mile span, happened.

Today I drove less than five miles all day.  In that five miles, I must have had my hand out the window waving to at least seven or eight people I know, and they know me, or at least they know my truck!  It is a good feeling to spend the day in a community that recognizes you and welcomes you “home”!

What does being a local on 30A mean?

To me, it starts with a hand out the window saying “hey, I see you, do you see me?” And it happens often here when you are a local.  Just simple waves out the window!

Two of those eight waves today were people in my new office at 30A Local.  One even came by the open house today just to say ‘Hey, how’s it going?  I know you’re new, but let me know if you ever need some help or have questions!”  Another wave was just good ole Bobby Johnson.  Is there any place that man is not?

Thanks for the extra boost in making 30A Local another reason 30A just feels like home!  And keep the waves coming!  I do see you!  A simple wave is a warm welcome to making it feel like home on 30A.

Rerouted to Real Estate on 30A with a big ole warm welcome, waves out the window.  Keep them coming! Love my new home among the 30A locals!